Our arcade will host a variety of games from around the world. Below are 11 of the confirmed games you will be able to play when you attend the expo.

  • *try to* Dress Up

    Nivetha Kannan

    As a daughter of a mostly rural Indian family, my clothing choices were monitored very strictly. Growing up, dress up games gave me an outlet where I could dress as I wanted without reprimand. '(try to) Dress Up' is a game than functions like the dress up games I loved but with a twist. It reflects my real world experience with dressing up- you'll have to get my parents' permission before going out in what you're wearing. Good luck with that... they're pretty tough judges.

  • A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher

    Ask An Enemy Studios

    A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher is a split-screen single player twin stick risk 'em up where you control two ships simultaneously. Your primary goal is to get the highest score possible, however the only way to keep your score is to leave the level with it. Playing till death will result in a zero score and a wipe of your leaderboard progress; that is if you had one to begin with ;)

  • An Afternoon Rippling

    Marcie LaCerte

    Inspired by visual novels and interactive fiction, An Afternoon Rippling is a text-heavy 2D adventure game about getting lost in a valley after your car breaks down. In your search for the elusive Mechanic, you have conversations with several strange individuals.

  • Demon's Revenge

    White Guardian Studios

    Demon's Revenge is an alternate perspective RPG where you play the role of Sen, a girl facing judgement from a world of prejudice and injustice. Dropped into a land full of conflict and bigotry, Sen will face the many trials and tribulations of a society that abandoned and hunts her for what she is. Ultimately her experience and judgment will play a role for the fate of the universe.

  • Even the Ocean

    Analgesic Productions LLC

    A grand story about Aliph, a lowly power plant technician for Whiteforge City, who finds her world turned upside-down after a routine maintenance trip goes awry.

    - Balance your energy bar with Light and Dark energies to overcome diverse obstacles and stabilize the city.

    - Meet and talk with new friends, powerful allies, and enigmatic travellers.

    - Explore the beautiful and strange geography in the overworld, towns, and environments surrounding Whiteforge City.

  • Fugue


    A math puzzle filled with music.

  • Liyla and the shadows of war

    Liyla's team

    Liyla and the shadows of war is a game based on actual events, it tells a story of little girl lives in Gaza during the war in 2014.

  • Long Gone Days


    Long Gone Days is a character-driven RPG inspired by dystopian literature, but set in our present time, featuring real countries. The game tells the story of Rourke, a soldier from The Core, an isolated settlement below the surface of the Earth. After discovering the dark truth about an operation he's part of in Kaliningrad, he decides to abandon his post, not realising the consequences of deserting an inescapable war.

  • Media is Dead, You are Alive

    Mr Tedders

    A game where you travel through worlds reflecting media of different types.

  • Semblance


    Semblance is a puzzle platformer where your character and the world it inhabits is made of playdough. Squish, squash and deform your character and the world to solve puzzles in this soft, bouncy world. The world of our character, Squish, is usually entirely soft - but an infection and infestation of hard material has started to spread, feeding off the playdough world to survive.

  • The Faceless Ones

    Melanie Kim

    A hypertext fiction about a faceless child who journeys through an unknown countryside to find their face. On the way, they meet the people of the countryside--whose faces are those of creatures, real-life or mythical--who could probably point the child in the right direction.

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