The event will be held on June 24, 2017 at the historic Schomburg Center in New York City. All panels, talks, educational sessions, and an arcade will feature game players and developers of color.

  • 11:00AM

    Doors open

  • 11:30AM

    Opening message

    The Game Devs of Color Expo Team welcomes you to the event!


    • Catt Small

      Catt is a product designer, game maker, and developer. She is currently making awesome things at Etsy. She started programming interactive games around the age of 10 and has been going ever since.

    • Chris Algoo

      Chris Algoo is a game developer, project manager and event organizer. By fostering diversity with games and events, he hopes to make gaming more inclusive and more interesting.

    • GDoCExpo events team

      This event would not be possible without Shawn Alexander Allen, Brian Carr, Jarryd Huntley, Kirk Musngi and Jason Vega. We love you all and are so happy you could be such a big help!

  • 12:00PM

    Arcade opens + lunch hour

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  • 1:05PM


    In this hour-long session, four game developers will share their thoughts about a variety of topics including VR game development, crowdfunding a game about the immigrant experience, and finding your place in (or out) of the industry.


    • Auriea Harvey

      Tale of Tales

      Auriea Harvey has been a prominent figure in independent gaming as part of Tale of Tales, her studio founded along with Michael Samyn. They released titles such as The Endless Forest, The Path, The Graveyard and Luxuria Superbia; And introduced new concepts to the scene with the Realtime Art Manifesto and notgames. After over a decade of making games Auriea radically stopped after their last release ’SUNSET’ in 2015. But the tale goes on, she feels there is abundant life after videogames.

    • Kevin Chen

      Nuclear Fishin' Software

      Nuclear Fishin' Software is a tiny independent games studio in Brooklyn, New York, founded by NYC game industry veteran Kevin Chen in 2015. They are best known for the SLG/visual novel Four Horsemen.

  • 2:00PM

    Surviving the games industry

    This panel will feature five game developers who will share ways to get into and thrive within the game development industry as marginalized people. Topics to be covered will include how diversity can affect the game development process as well as ways to create games while navigating the industry and preserving your mental health.

  • 2:55PM

    Diverse character design and representation in games

    Five games industry professionals will further the case for diversity in character design during this panel. Topics to be discussed will include the portrayal of dark skin in games, representation of Arabs in video games, queer people of color in games, whitewashing, and cultural appropriation.


    • Sande Chen


      Sande Chen is a writer and game designer whose career has spanned over 15 years in the game industry. Her credits include 1999 Independent Games Festival winner Terminus, MMO Hall of Fame inductee Wizard101, and the 2007 PC RPG of the Year, The Witcher, for which she was nominated for a Writers Guild of America Award in Videogame Writing. She writes about game design and other topics on her blog, Game Design Aspect of the Month, and can be found on Twitter @sandechen.

    • Amaryah Shaye Armstrong

      Vanderbilt University

      Amaryah is a doctoral student in Theological Studies at Vanderbilt University. Her research examines the relationship between race, gender, and economics in theological terminology. She is convinced that playing too much Harvest Moon (SNES) as a pre-teen is why she is a lesbian today.

    • Tanya DePass

      Tale of Tales

      Tanya DePass is the founder and Director of I Need Diverse Games, a not-for-profit foundation based in Chicago, that is dedicated to better diversification of all aspects of gaming. Her writing appears in Uncanny Magazine, Polygon, Vice Gaming, Waypoint, Wiscon Chronicles, Paste Games and other publications.

    • Yussef Cole

      Writer + Visual Artist

      Yussef Cole is a writer and visual artist from the Bronx, NY. He is of Arab and African-American descent. Yussef has written for many online publications including Paste, Waypoint, The Ontological Geek, and ZAM. He recently cowrote "Black Skin is Still a Radical Concept in Games" with Tanya DePass for Waypoint, which will be his main platform for this panel.

  • 3:50PM

    Music, sound, and choreography in game design

    Music and sound are a crucial part of video games, but they are often considered later in the process. In this panel, game designers and musicians will convene to discuss game design, audio design, and what game creators can learn from disciplines outside their own.

  • 4:45PM

    Polishing and launching your game

    Looking to take your game to the next level? Join five industry professionals to discuss ways to best share your game with the world. Topics to be discussed will include garnering press, marketing, protecting yourself from legal issues, and getting a publisher for your game.

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