2019 Game Devs of Color Expo’s GDC Scholars

Game Devs of Color Expo partnered with the Game Developers Conference!

We ran a scholarship program to bring some amazing creators of color to GDC. GDC can be a career-defining conference, but tickets, travel, and lodging prices can place it out of reach for many developers.

For these amazing scholars we've provided Conference and Summits passes. Through our Scholar Program's sponsors, provided travel and lodging assistance!

  • Calbert Warner

    Calbert Warner is a New York City based audio architect that has a passion for melodic storytelling. He mainly focuses on writing music for video games, which allows him to experiment with electronic, ambient, and classical compositions. When he is not composing you can find him capturing landscape and portrait shots with his Nikon D3300!

  • Christina "Phazero" Curlee

    Christina "Phazero" Curlee is a multi-disciplinary game designer specializing in Design Narrative, Game and Level Design. Their games explore emotional experiences, marginalized identities, “digital consciousness” and video games as art practice.

  • Edwin Jack

    Since Eddie was a lil tyke, he loved the animation in video games and cartoons. This undying passion led him to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Game Art and Design. Eddie dove into the industry as an animator where he worked on Lord of The Rings Online and several independent contracts. Following a layoff, his journey led him into founding BareHand, the indie studio working on a combat farming game titled Cede.

  • Emperatriz Ung

    Emperatriz Ung is a Chinese-Colombian game designer & writer from the American Southwest. Her creative work predominantly explores her personal struggles with mental health, teen motherhood, and generational trauma.

  • Hessvacio Hassan

    Hessvacio Hassan is the creator and lead developer of Museum Multiverse a VR series for the Gear VR and Oculus Go. He also recently released VR experience for the Gear VR called Don't Look Away, which has been downloaded over 300k times to date.

  • Jenny Xu

    Jenny is a varsity athlete, artist, programmer, gamer and farmer who owns her own game company, JCSoft Inc. She thrills in injecting horror and laughter into the 2D immersive experiences she creates, and as a result of too many late nights up and her never-ending curiosity, she’s created 50+ games for web and mobile with 10 shipped titles on the mobile app stores with over 5 million downloads.

  • Jose Zambrano

    From Venezuela, Stuido's extroverted spokesperson learned English through games. Pokemon Blue and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time gave him his start, with many others since then aiding the cause. Through a storm of heavy metal and latino rock, he finds his zen to tackle budgets and polygons alike. Currently making VR games and teaching at Unity along with the Stuido team.

  • Margaret Santiago

    I have been in the gaming industry since 2010. I am a generalist when it comes to gaming, I play on different platforms, console, mobile, pc, and tabletop. My passions lie deep with visuals, technology and storytelling, this began when I was young and continues to persist. Knowledge drives me, one of the ways I grow is through connecting and sharing these things with others, you never know what you may learn or who you may connect with.

  • Melissa Auclaire

    Melissa Auclaire is an Engineer, Game Developer, Educator, and Community Advocate for minorities entering the tech industry. She earned her B.S. in Computer Science at Central Washington University in 2014. Since then she has worked in various roles, including Engineering, Game Development, QA, teaching and at several start-ups in both technical and advisory roles.

  • Natasha Lyn-Marie Charlene Excelsia

    Lyn-Marie Charlene Excelsia is a Black and transgender multi-media artist and game developer, and the leader of DANGER HEART ENTERTAINMENT (formerly alpha six productions), developers of Joylancer and Card Witch.

  • Raghav Bashyal

    Raghav Bashyal (pronouns: they/he) is a game designer with a penchant for travel, storytelling, and playful happenings. They are currently teaching online as a virtual reality/augmented reality instructor at Circuit Stream. In the past, they have organized festivals with IndieCade and made games which have been featured at events in the US and Europe. They are seeking to master the art of being playful and to unite the world with videogames.

  • Sydney Adams

    Sydney Adams is a game designer from New York. After graduating with her MFA in Design and Technology, she moved to Seattle, Washington to intern with Wizards of the Coast. She is currently a contractor on the Creative Team of “Magic: The Gathering.” Sydney has never been to GDC, and is looking forward to the opportunity to grow and learn more about her field.

  • Tj Hughes

    Tj Hughes, known online under Terrifying Jellyfish begun his journey in game development by teaching himself at the age of 13, using the only materials available to him: the internet and an insatiable desire to create. Since then, he has found his niche online, with color, playfulness, and aesthetics being the center of all his creations.

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