Sponsor the event

Want to help the 2019 Game Devs of Color Expo? We are open to financial and in-kind partnerships! Interested parties can contact us at gdocexpo@gmail.com, send us direct donations via PayPal (our preferred method), or use the Donation field on the ticketing page.

2019 Sponsorship Deck

Why sponsor gdocexpo?

This is an opportunity for you and your company to help level the playing field.

Our audience is unique and diverse

We receive submissions from around the globe. Our attendees come from all across the United States. You have the opportunity to align with and learn from the future of our globalizing world.

Our audience has potential

The gaming population mirrors the world population, but the game development industry does not. You have the chance to support and uplift new voices that are creating interesting and powerful work but do not have the same access to assistance from peers and mentors.

Our audience needs investment

More people of color make games every year thanks to tools like Game Maker, Unreal, and Unity. However, some are unable to attend larger gaming conferences due to the prohibitive cost of ticket prices and travel. Over 400 people attended last year’s event, and we expect 700 to attend this year (in addition to more via livestreaming).

Our audience is creating change

People of color are now more powerful and necessary in games than ever. The industry is only improved by those who are willing to push it forward, and the games shown at this event are not only high quality but also new and different.

Sponsorship levels

2019 Sponsorship Deck

Below are our basic offerings. Interested in additional opportunities such as sponsored lunch, lanyards, badges, and event SWAG? Check out our prospectus for more options!

  • Collaborating Sponsor


    Your company’s brand will be well represented in all of our communications and you’ll have a table in order to engage with our audience.

  • Premium Sponsor


    You want to be recognized as supporting the Game Devs of Color Expo 2019!

  • Friend Sponsor


    You want to be an active participant in the Game Devs of Color Expo 2019!

  • Community Sponsor


    You want to show your support for the Game Devs of Color Expo 2019!

Donate via PayPal

Or email gdocexpo@gmail.com – we’d love to hear from you!

Where the money goes

The GDoCE Organization Team wants to make this event the best it can be. Since we’re a small team we can’t do that alone. You can help us to make the 2019 Game Devs of Color Expo a quality event worthy of attendees’ time.

Sponsorship and donations help us pay for the following:

  • Tickets for attendees in need
  • Meals and snacks for attendees
  • Equipment for showing games
  • Compensation for volunteers
  • Compensation for speakers and workshop teachers
  • Travel assistance for developers
  • Collateral, badges, lanyards, and signage
  • Photography, videography, and livestreaming
  • Assistance for people with different (and awesome!) abilities

We also accept in-kind donations and rentals. Please contact us at gdocexpo@gmail.com if you are interested in an in-kind partnership.