We’re back for 2021!

Last year at the 2020 online Game Devs of Color Expo, we had over 1,500 people show up - two times as many people as our in-person 2019 event. We gave away $90k in game development grants, too.

The good news is we’re set to hold our 2021 event from September 23rd through the 27th and we’ll be online again!

Game and speaker submissions are now closed. Stay tuned for our expo selections announcement!

All are welcome

The Game Devs of Color Expo is a space meant to enlighten and unite, and is open to people of all genders, races, abilities, sexual orientations, and religions. We are committed to ensuring that this event is inclusive to all. Live captions will be displayed for all talks and presentations.

Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make you feel comfortable attending this event.

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